Doctorate Graduation Cap

doctorate graduation cap

What You Need to Know About Doctorate Graduation Cap And Other Graduation Regalia

A doctorate graduation cap is more than just a part of the graduation regalia. It’s a symbol of years of hard work and all the blood, sweat, and tears you pour into your dissertation. So, it’s not surprising that the doctoral regalia has so much meaning. Let’s take a look at the parts of doctoral graduation regalia.

Doctoral Regalia Parts

Basically, the regalia consists of doctoral gown and hood plus the cap.

Doctoral graduation robes or gowns are similar to that of the bachelor’s and master’s ones. However, the doctoral robes have bell-shaped sleeves and can either be worn closed or opened. While for bachelor’s, the sleeves are pointed and worn closed, and for master’s the sleeves are oblong.

PhD robes also have velvet panels on the front and three velvet bars on the sleeves. The robes are usually black, but some schools use the school colors.

The hood has the same fabric and color as the gown, but are lined with school colors. The color of the edge of the hood follows the degree subject. Each school has different regulations regarding colors.

Lastly, the PhD graduation cap comes in two varieties: the mortarboard and the tam. Mortarboards are the ones used in bachelor’s and master’s levels, with a flat top. Tams are poofy velveteen hats more commonly worn in the UK. Usually, the tams used for Doctoral degrees have six or eight sides. Tams are usually black but sometimes come in the school colors.

Both mortarboards and tams have tassels on top. Tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before graduation, and on the left afterward

Buy or Rent?

You can either buy or rent your graduation regalia. Buying an entire set of regalia can be expensive. If you can afford a custom doctoral regalia as a memento, go ahead! You might want to buy it if you will be wearing your regalia a lot in the future.

But if it’s too expensive for you, you can always rent it. Universities sometimes rent regalia, so do check your school for options.

Customizing Your Doctoral Hat

Customizing your doctoral hat graduation is a common way to personalize your hat and celebrate your success. You can write doctorate graduation captions, paint, or decorate it as you wish. You may decorate your doctorate graduation cap on your own, but you can also get it designed and decorated.

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