Graduation Rings

Graduation Rings

The Ultimate High Quality Graduation Rings

Graduation rings are really meaningful. They are the symbol of our achievement and how hard we work to finally finish our study. Even if we will move to the next steps of our life, we still need something to remind us about our graduation and our college life. When we feel the life in front of us is too hard, we simply look at the beautiful ring on our finger. After that we will know that we have gone through something harder and still live to tell about it. The ring will give us courage to move forward. That’s why you need to make sure that the quality of your graduation college rings is the best. If you only want to settle with the most excellent ring, the Vnox is your best choice. Here are some reasons that will convince you to only choose the Vnox.

Stainless Steel

If you want to get high quality stainless steel Manhattan college ring, this brand is the one you should choose. We know that Stainless steel is very popular nowadays. But the main reason why you should choose this material is because even people with metal allergy can safely use it. It is possible because the material is made without nickel so it is very safe for your skin. Moreover, Stainless steel is also thicker than other materials, hence more durable. This material can endure moisture so it will not tarnish or be corroded. Even if you use your rings for graduation every day because you are very proud of it, it will stay in the best condition for a very long time.

Very Stylish

In the end of the day, college rings graduation is still jewelry. So, they should be stylish and look beautiful on your finger. Vnox understands this very well. That is why this brand presents exquisite rings with perfect stone size and crystal-like green color. The engraving is top notch, especially with the gorgeous matte finish. It definitely makes this ring really perfect for mens womens graduation gift. The rings also come with beautiful Velvet Bag so you can store it there safely when you are not using it.


Overall, college class rings from the Vnox are absolutely what you need for your or your loved ones’ graduation. The durability will ensure the class rings will last for a lifetime just like your memory of your youthful college days. And last but not least, the style will make you proud and ready to show your ring to the world.

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